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Happy anniversary to joyful thing. It's been two years since the birth of this site and I think it's progressed swimmingly. You guys have been wonderful. Well, sometimes you were mean, but mostly wonderful.

This is the last broadcast.

On this, my two year anniversary, I bid adieu. Dear readers, your narrator is retiring.

This site began as an exercise in showing up on the page. I've done that for two years. There's few things I've done consistently for that long. Dishes, for example.

I feel that plugging up this area of my creative flow might allow me to dig deeper into other projects I'm working on, some that may actually make me some mula. I'm dragging out my Journalism Degree, dusting it off, and breaking it in for the first time. In other words, I'm going to be a journalist. Scary, huh?

Plus, you've got to be sick of me by now.

Feel free to peruse the archives if you miss me. (Did you know "peruse" actually means "to read thoroughly", or "to examine closely"?)

Also, check out my favorite diarylanders. They are all quality reads. Most of them significantly better than mine.

I have designed a blog that I will make live in the beginning of June. It will largely be a way for my friends to keep track of me in my cross-country travels and as I carve out my new niche in Seattle. I'll post the link here when it's done, but you may not find it very interesting unless you're a voyeur or my mother. It will certainly be less structured and organized than this site. But there might be juicy photographs from the road.

Please get the new Snow Patrol album. It's transcendent.

As an old friend of mine used to say,

Rock safely.

joyful thing

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